Monday, 6 June 2011

Guardian: on the Kayapó people and the Belo Monte dam.

In The Brazilian tribe that played by our rules, and lost, Jacqueline Windh, writes for The Guardian on the effects of the proposed Belo Monte Dam on the Kayapó People.

The dam is planned to flood the Xingu River Basin, displacing the Kayapó. The Kayapó attempted to block the project by "launching petitions and protests, and engaging media and lawyers."

Notable features of the article

The issue is personalised. It is accompanied by a photograph of "Raoni Txucarramãe, chief of the Kayapó people", rather than simply "A Kayapó person".

Unlike many of the articles I have reported on so far, this article makes good use of links to reference sources. Linking to the wikipedia pages for Kayapo People and Yaghan People not only allows the reader to gain more in-depth information about the subject, it also makes it far easier to find out exactly who is being referred to, by disambiguating between groups with similar names, and providing a form of canonical identifier, where alternate spellings exist.

Rather than linking to Wikipedia when mentioning the Selk'nam People, they link to their empty review page for the book Drama and Power in a Hunting Societya book about the Selk'nam.

Also Mentioned

The Selk'nam and Yaghan people (speakers of Ona and Yaghan, respectively).

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