Thursday, 14 April 2011

Various papers report on the last two Ayapaneco speakers

Various papers report that the last two fluent speakers of Ayapeneco, refuse to speak to each other.

They all report on an Indiana University project to create a dictionary, and also the National Indigenous Language Institute attempts to set up classes in the language.

In Only two people speak dying language Ayapaneco – but refuse to talk, The Metro calls this a "last-ditch attempt to protect the language".

In Language spoken by only two people dying out as they won't talk to each other, The Telegraph states that "previous efforts have failed to lead to an upsurge in speakers".

The Age, chooses a play on words for the headline. Duo's Mexican standoff bodes ill for language on verge of extinction

The Guardian goes on to list five more languages from around the world, that are on the brink of extinction:
Ter Sami, Kayardild, Lengilu, Mabire, and Tehuelche.

The Metro also mentions an unrelated project:, that "logs global tweets in 68 languages, including KreyĆ²l ayisyen and Gamilaaray.".

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