Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Totos visited by journalist

In an ancient global village.

An journalist from The Telegraph India visits the Totos of Totopara. Described as a "primitive tribe" in the opening, the author concludes that they are not as primitive as prejudice suggests. Although possibly for stylistic effect, there is an apparent sense of surprise in the piece, that Totos are normal people too.

The article mentions some of the problems facing the Totos. The health risks that arise from the endogamous tradition of the tribe, and the fact that Totopara has a significant (and wealthier) Nepali, Bihari, and Marwari population are both cited as issues.

The critically endangered Toto language is not mentioned in the article, but it does state that the Toto tribe has never numbered more than 1400. This is at odds with Ethnologue's estimate of 20,000 Toto speakers (assuming no significant Toto-speaking non-Toto population exists), but consistent with UNESCO's estimate of 1000.

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